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I am an adventure elopement and intimate wedding photographer based out of Colorado, but my nomad heart is always up for wherever your dream wedding may be! 

I am a Montana native and a Colorado transplant who's lived all over the Western United States in search of adventure and I'm ecstatic to say that I've found my home where I've always wanted to be- in the heart of the Rocky Mountains! 

The outdoors are a second home for me, a sacred space that allow me to be exactly who I am.  I grew up mountain biking, skiing, backpacking, and finding any reason to head out the door and into the mountains.  So when I picked up my camera and photographed my first adventure elopement, my heart felt right at home! There is honestly nothing that gives me more joy than helping couples plan and photograph their dream elopement.  

Wander Often Photography is completely inclusive. I believe that love is love. No matter your race, ethnicity, or who you love, my goal is to provide a safe space for you and your soulmate to be exactly who you are!

When I'm not photographing rad couples who are wildly in love, you'll find me climbing Colorado 14ers, dirt-bagging it in Moab, skiing, binge watching Parks and Rec for the 8th time, and sharing this beautiful life with my little family!

Hey, I'm Bailee! 

Wander Often



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